The Ruins of Mwangi

Adventure Log Four: Down by the sea

  • Upon return to Bloodcove the group finds another member of the expedition has been discovered and brought to the Adir Hathren
  • After resupplying the group sets off for Totem Rock to follow up on a rumor furnished by Adir Hathren
  • During the course of the trip the group encounters a den of cockatrices and manages to slay the male and all of the females.
    • Shaco and Tao-Lung scout out the nest hole and find 4 eggs as well as a pewter ring attached to the petrified remains of a humanoid hand.
  • Arriving at Totem Rock the group investigates the area in time to witness the rock begin glowing and humming.
  • Diligent investigation of the area uncovers several discoveries including a tunnel at the base of the cliff.
  • Exploring the tunnel leads to an underground cavern where the spire of rock seems to continue from the ceiling downward to the floor.
  • Vanek guards the rear while the rest of the party descends to explore.
  • An older woman, naked and scared, is discovered in an alcove filled with seaweed and bones. The remains of a small fire still glow faintly.
    • The woman states she was kidnapped from a nearby farm with her parents who have already been eaten by the monsters.
  • Brenya Thunderhorn watches over the woman as the rest of the team continues to investigate.
  • A large pile of rubble obscures one corner of the cavern while 3 copper pipes are discovered embedded in the cavern floor and running from the base of the spire East, West, and South.
  • Brenya Thunderhorn leaves the woman at the base of the slope to get help pulling her up to safety with Vanek.
  • Suddenly everyone hears a loud yell, the sounds of a scuffle, and then silence. Running to investigate it is discovered that Vanek is gone as is the old woman. A small pool of blood is all that remains on the ledge overlooking the cavern.
  • Diligent searching of the surrounding water and immediate vicinity of Totem Rock turns up nothing. The group decides to return to the cave and continue their investigation their.



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