The Ruins of Mwangi

Adventure Log One: The Beginning

  • Pathfinder Society Initiates Location Grand Lodge – Absalom
  • Initiate comes to room and gives us a paper that says Mausoleum 1 hour
  • Arrive Mausoleum blood everywhere animals people being dissected on tables everywhere.
  • loud explosion man is thrown through doorway as door splinters inward. man lies dead on opposite wall.
  • Skeletons, Zombies, Wights and a Wraith begin to emerge from a sarcophagus in the room beyond the doorway.
  • As the battle ensues every skeleton or zombie that is killed is replaced by yet another.
  • Our Brave Wizard and Rogue both leave the battle. The wizard to find help and the rouge attempts to unlock the outer door with no success.
  • Our Brave Cleric and Fighter continue the battle to break through the Horde and close the lid on the sarcophagus.
  • As the sarcophagus lid is slammed shut all the Horde disappear in a mist or was it smoke?
  • A gentleman appears at the door and beaming congratulates us all on a job well done!
  • It appears it has all been a test.



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