The Ruins of Mwangi

Adventure Log Three: The Quest Begins

  • The group sets out with a native guide to examine the area attacked by the kech’s as indicated by Consul Vellus.
  • Upon arrival at the southern reaches of the plantation the signs of the kech raid are evident. All but approximately a quarter of the 100+ acre sugar cane field has been stolen, trampled, or burned.
  • Drag marks are spotted leading from the field into the treeline and the East Kaava jungle.
  • Shaco volunteers to scout the trail but quickly becomes lost after a few close encounters with native fauna. Returning after nightfall he reports his failure and begins working with Brenya Thunderhorn to setup traps along the tree line. The rest of the party beds down for the night.
  • In the early morning hours as Shaco stands watch, the camp is assaulted from the trees by poisoned darts thrown from the darkness. Shaco falls in the initial assault but is able to wake the group before passing out from the poison.
  • Brenya Thunderhorn, Coraan, and Vanek held the line under assault from the hidden kech party until they sallied forth for melee combat.
  • The battle was fierce, but the party prevailed slaying 2 and capturing 1 kech while the remaining 2 fled back into the jungle.
  • An attempt to interrogate the prisoner failed before he asphyxiated on it’s own tongue. A mark of Angazahn appears branded on it’s forehead.
  • Reporting back to the Consul only incurs his anger as the group tries to bluff him with tales of the previous night’s battle. The Consul dismisses the group and they return to Bloodcove.
  • Undaunted, it is decided to sneak onto the Plantation and examine the impact site under cover of darkness.
    • A lone guard watches over the site but is quickly dispatches by Vanek and Shaco.
    • The crater is 120 feet in diameter and more than 30 feet deep.
    • In the center is a rough cube shaped piece of wreckage, 10 feet on each side. The interior of the cube is lined with a strange script and a hollow metal tubing running vertically along the inner wall.
    • The wreckage is made of a dense metal that resists attempts to scratch it. A small fragment was found nearby and taken for study. Brenya Thunderhorn made sketches of the interior as well as the writing.
  • With a sample and notes in hand, the group returns to Bloodcove to plan the next move.



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