Whatever you do, don't tell him you missed the punch line.


Name: Shaco Class: Rogue

Perception +5


Shaco is very short but deadly. He jests until someone dies, and then he laughs. Nuff’ said.

They say that death isn’t funny. It isn’t, unless you’re Shaco. He is Absalom’s first fully-functioning homicidal comic; he jests until someone dies, and then he laughs. The figure that has come to be known as the Demon Jester is an enigma. No one still alive knows from whence he came. There are rumors, but one must not speak of them too loudly lest Shaco come to jest. It seems unimaginable that such a threatening figure would be allowed to remain at large. There are those that believe he is an assassin for hire, left to roam until he is needed. Others believe that Shaco is simply too clever, evading authorities at every turn. Still others believe that he is the demonic manifestation of humanity’s dark urges, and therefore cannot be stopped.

Shaco joined the Pathfinder Society to start out his new identity. Trying to lay low for a while to get the authorities off of him, he joins the Pathfinder Society in hope of convincing everyone that he’s not the well-known Shaco.


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