Tao-Lung Naranbaatar

Of Tian (Asian) descent, this small and unassumming male casts a sharp glare into the terrain ahead. His garb of bright white or black with no apparent armor. A shortbow and two spears wrapped in leather rest on his back.


Tao-Lung Naranbaatar


Str: 12 Dex: 19 Con: 15 Int: 13 Wis: 16 Cha:10

Perception: +8

AC: 18 (Touch: 18/Flat Footed: 10) HP: 18

Fort: 5 Reflex: 7 Will: 6

Comp. Shortbow, Unarmed Strike, Shuriken, Shortspear(2), Kama (2).


Sold as child to a Chelaxian Noble House to pay off a family debt, Tao has never complained. His life a slave has brought him more benefits than tribulations. Raised in strict disipline as a child, this training has served him well in the harsh reality the is the Nation of Cheliax. Like the Master of his House, Tao is ordered and controlled in every aspect of his life. From daily training regiments, to the missions he takes on for the Thrune family, Tao approaches life with a ruthless efficiency. Tao places little faith in others, especially those that do not display disipline in thier daily lives. He stresses order and structure above the concepts of good and evil.

Tao-Lung Naranbaatar

The Ruins of Mwangi Aravar