Perched on the very boundary of civilization and a great vastness of unknown wilderness, the city of Bloodcove is a unique settlement. The town itself is constructed in ever-rising scaffolds and boardwalks in and among the intricate root complex of one of a gargantuan mangrove tree. The city takes it’s name from the blood red color of the water at the mouth of the Vanji River.

Bloodcove is a combination of pirate haven and free trade port. Founded by some of the great captains of the Shackles who grew too old to pirate and saw legitimate trade as their best route to wealth and easy living in their twilight years, Bloodcove has since become a neutral ground. The elevated boardwalk streets are crowded with both pirate crews and the rough-and-tumble sailors of merchant vessels. Brawls and knifings are a nightly event, but no full-scale warfare exists on the streets, and ships and their cargoes are generally safe from the pirates as long as they are in port. Once out in the trading lanes, though, merchants lose the protection they had at Bloodcove.

The town is loosely ruled by the Grand Admiralty of the Fever Sea—as he styles himself—an official elected for life among the scions of the original pirate founders. The wealthy trading consortiums that utilize Bloodcove, however, have considerable say in who is chosen and how he conducts his reign. In truth, the grand admiral does little more than maintain a small standing force of poorly trained militia to protect the town from any jungle denizens that come too close, keep violence in the streets to an acceptable level, and keep Free Trade Square open for business at all costs. In return, a modest monthly fee is paid to the admiralty by all businesses and permanent residents of the cove.

About half of the population of Bloodcove is comprised of the dusky Mwangi peoples—corsairs and traders who have made the western coast of the jungle their home for centuries. The rest of the population is a mix of races and human ethnicities from northern realms that have come in as traders and speculators to grab a share of the riches that the jungles have to offer. Tensions run high between the various races and ethnic groups, but for the most part the people of Bloodcove don’t allow blood to come between them and profit.

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