Sweet Water Plantation

Orderly fields of sugarcane, rice, and other crops cover the landscape as far as the eye can see. Partially clothed native Mwangi people go about the work of tending the crops while overseers of Chelaxian or Taldan origin stand watch. The worn road from the ferry ends here at a cluster of buildings. Barns, silos, and a fortified manor house are all encircled by a wooden stockade.


Consul Xandric Vellus manages SweetWater Plantation on behalf of the Aspis Consortium. He has been stationed here since the plantation was founded 12 years ago and as such is a little out of touch with current events back in Cheliax. His dress is of the finest material and highest fashions, 5 years past. He gladly entertains guests who portray themselves as gentlemen or educated individuals, particularly if they are of Chelaxian descent. His views on the native Mwangi population are exceedingly racist, seeing them as nothing more than property at the best and vermin at the worst. He will gladly tell any guests about the plantation stressing that it is the source for a majority of Bloodcove’s produce.



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Sweet Water Plantation

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