Totem Rock

Rising over 30 feet into the air, the spire known as Totem Rock juts out at a 45 degree angle from a cliff overlooking Bloodcove Bay. The sound of waves rhythmically lapping the base of the cliffs 75 feet below are soothing.

The rough pillar is covered with a multitude of crude carvings depicting fish and sea monsters. All around the base are scattered the remains of fish and other sea creatures.
  • The fish bones are from native fish of several varieties. Shark, Octupus, Eel, Manta Ray, Dolphin, and a Sea Serpent Tooth are present.
  • The bones are a variety of ages but the newest seems to be no more than a couple days old.
  • There is much wear on the ground surrounding the pillar which keeps plant growth beaten down to smooth stone. There are no apparent tracks.
  • The rock of the spire is different from the surrounding cliff side.
  • The cliff is limestone while the spire is made of obsidian with a sheen of quartz crystals.
  • The side of the cliff has several natural handholds as well as a few which seem to have been roughly carved.
  • There is a small ledge a few feet above sea level at the base of the cliff.

The tunnel runs straight back into the cliff face for 40 feet before ending in a ledge near the roof of a large cavern. Torchlight reflects off of the quartz crystals lining the wall here. The ledge drops off into darkness below but you can just make out the roof of the cave arching downward approximately 80 feet away. Barely 6 feet in front of the ledge is a rock formation identical to Totem Rock above descending at an angle from the roof of the cavern downward into the darkness below.

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Totem Rock

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